System Overview
AppixSchool is an Online School Management System composed of 3 individual portals: Students/Parents, Teachers and Administrators. Each portal has a different web address and can be linked very easily to a school's website.

AppixSchool Administrator Portal
Administrators Portal
  • Manage Teachers & Students Online Accounts
  • Review, Approve and Print Report Cards
  • Track Student Attendance
  • Upload Program Calendars and Documents
  • Run Reports by School Years
and more...

Teachers Portal
  • Manage Classes
  • Create and Track Assignment Scores by Student
  • Review and Print Grade Books
  • Track Student Attendance
  • Complete and Submit Report Cards
and more...
AppixSchool Teacher Portal

AppixSchool Student Portal
Students Portal
  • Check Homeworks & Assignments
  • View Class Announcements & Letters
  • Track Grading Books
  • View/Print Report Cards
  • View/Download School Policies
and more...
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